This Special Lesson Pack Consists of 9 Videos and 6 Mp3s

In the Dubstep #1 Lesson Pack, Casey Cooper details the difference between easy, medium, and hard level drum parts, so you can see a CLEAR PATH to advancing your own drumming.

4 Drumless Dubstep mp3s are included.


  1. Dubstep #1Full Performance EASY LEVEL
  2. Dubstep #1 Full Performance MEDIUM LEVEL
  3. Dubstep #1 Full Performance HARD LEVEL
  4. Dubstep #1 Drums-Only Performance EASY LEVEL
  5. Dubstep #1 Drums-Only Performance MEDIUM LEVEL
  6. Dubstep #1 Drums-Only Performance HARD LEVEL
  7. Dubstep #1 Drum Songwriting Lesson EASY LEVEL (including Slow Motion)
  8. Dubstep #1 Drum Songwriting Lesson MEDIUM LEVEL (including Slow Motion)
  9. Dubstep #1 Drum Songwriting Lesson HARD LEVEL (including Slow Motion)


  1. Dubstep #1 (Drumless) with Click
  2. Dubstep #1 (Drumless) with out Click
  3. Dubstep #1 feat. Casey Cooper
  4. Dubstep #1 (Drumless) Cooper Edit with Click
  5. Dubstep #1 (Drumless) Cooper Edit with out Click
  6. Dubstep #1 feat. Casey Cooper, Cooper Edit
Casey Cooper

Dubstep #1

For fans of Skrillex, Diplo, BassNectar