This Lesson Series Contains 12 Videos and 3 Mp3s

This unique, 12-step lesson series is an absolute MUST for anyone interested in learning to play the drums! You will start playing with an instructor immediately AND have fun! At the beginning of this lesson series, you may have never held a drumstick before, but by the end, you'll be playing a full groove to an original mp3 by learning fun, yet clear steps, because you're learning one simple concept with each lesson.

The best part of this series is that anyone, anywhere, can “Get Started on Drums” because this series is demonstrated both on and off a drumkit (sticks vs. hands tapping on lap). Plus, the lessons are short, easy to watch, and the focus is on playing as opposed to long explanations, so you'll actually be playing within the first 15 seconds!


  1. Right Hand Only Lesson
  2. Right Hand Only with funk mp3
  3. Right Hand plus Counting
  4. Right Hand plus Counting with funk mp3
  5. Both Hands plus Counting Lesson
  6. Both Hands plus Counting with funk mp3
  7. Full Body plus Counting Lesson
  8. Full Body plus Counting with funk mp3
  9. Different types of beats lesson
  10. Different types of beats with funk mp3
  11. Putting it all together Lesson
  12. Putting it all together with funk mp3


  1. Getting Started Funk (Drumless) with Click
  2. Getting Started Funk (Drumless) with out Click
  3. Getting Started with Drummer
Lenny Vitulli

Getting Started On Drums