This Lesson Pack Consists of 4 Videos and 3 Mp3s

Kyle Jordan Mueller throws down aggressively complicated single bass drum rhythms and killer musical fills throughout the Advanced and Beginner Performances of this Lesson Pack, sure to get your pumped! And unique to, this video series features 2 levels of songwriting lessons so you can listen to Kyle speak about drum parts, then watch them on screen with notation. We guarantee that you will take away some useful songwriting knowledge from this lesson series.

3 Drumless Hard Rock mp3s are included.


  1. Hard Rock #3 Pro Performance
  2. Hard Rock #3 Pro Lesson
  3. Hard Rock #3 Beginner Performance
  4. Hard Rock #3 Beginner Lesson


  1. Hard Rock #3 (Drumless) with Click
  2. Hard Rock #3 (Drumless) with out Click
  3. Hard Rock #3 feat. Kyle Jordan Mueller
Kyle Jordan Mueller

Hard Rock #3

For fans of Avenge Sevenfold, Disturbed, Three Days Grace