This Lesson Pack Consists of 4 Videos and 3 Mp3s

If you feel that your rock and pop drumming is a little square, Indie Rock #1 is the perfect track to loosen up to. This track will challenge your control of volume dynamics, finesse, and creativity as each part of the track differs significantly from the last and puts you in a position to develop a stronger awareness of the nuances music has to offer.

2 Drumless Indie Rock mp3s are included.


  1. Indie Rock #1 Pro Performance
  2. Indie Rock #1 Pro Lesson
  3. Indie Rock #1 Beginner Performance
  4. Indie Rock #1 Beginner Lesson


  1. Indie Rock #1 (Drumless) with Click
  2. Indie Rock #1 (DrumLess) with out Click
  3. Indie Rock #1 feat. Lenny Vitulli
Lenny Vitulli

Indy Rock #1

For fans of The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes