This Lesson Pack Consists of 4 Videos and 3 Mp3s

Jamming out to this fast paced, guitar-driven rock track will turn you into a fierce human metronome. No room for error here, as the track’s groove will grab you and force your body to sway like a clock. If you need to steady out your internal timing, this is the track for you!


  1. Modern Rock #3 Pro Performance
  2. Modern Rock #3 Pro Lesson
  3. Modern Rock #3 Beginner Performance
  4. Modern Rock #3 Beginner Lesson


  1. Modern Rock #3 (Drumless) with Click
  2. Modern Rock #3 (DrumLess) with out Click
  3. Modern Rock #3 feat. Lenny Vitulli
Lenny Vitulli

Modern Rock #3

For fans of Buck Cherry, Hinder, Velvet Revolver