This Special Video Series Consists of 9 Videos and 3 Mp3s

Pop #2 is a fun, yet powerful, pop track will have you singing for days!

This feel-good modern pop track focuses on syncopation, groove, and upbeat emotions, giving the drummer an incredible amount of potential energy and open space to add signature licks in between small spaces. It is a great practice tool for someone looking to work on precision fills and loose grooves simultaneously.


  1. Pop #2 Full Performance EASY LEVEL
  2. Pop #2 Full Performance MEDIUM LEVEL
  3. Pop #2 Full Performance HARD LEVEL
  4. Pop #2 Drums-Only Performance EASY LEVEL
  5. Pop #2 Drums-Only Performance MEDIUM LEVEL
  6. Pop #2 Drums-Only Performance HARD LEVEL
  7. Pop #2 Drum Songwriting Lesson EASY LEVEL (including Slow Motion)
  8. Pop #2 Drum Songwriting Lesson MEDIUM LEVEL (including Slow Motion)
  9. Pop #2 Drum Songwriting Lesson HARD LEVEL (including Slow Motion)


  1. Pop #2 (Drumless) with Click
  2. Pop #2 (Drumless) with out Click
  3. Pop #2 feat. Casey Cooper
Casey Cooper

Pop #2

For fans of Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, DeRulo