This Lesson Series Contains 12 Videos

If you have been struggling with your creativity, rudiments, or chops building, this lesson series is for you!

In this series, Casey’s lessons help you build chops and endurance while simultaneously sparking your creativity behind the kit. As you start to incorporate these rudiments into beats and fills, you will be amazed at the patterns coming from your own kit!


  1. Building Chops Lesson
  2. Building Chops Drumkit
  3. Flam Accent Lesson
  4. Flam Accent Drumkit
  5. Flam Lesson
  6. Flam Drumkit
  7. Paradiddle Lesson
  8. Paradiddle Drumkit
  9. Paradiddlediddle Lesson
  10. Paradiddlediddle Drumkit
  11. The Drag Lesson
  12. The Drag Drumkit
Casey Cooper

Rudiments And Chop Building